Green Tea, Meet Hemp Tea

It’s surprising how many cultures drink tea, and how many people incorporate tea into their daily lives. Whether you want a caffeinated cup or prefer something herbal hemp tea is delicious by itself or as an addition to your regular brew.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a floral cup of green tea, you’ll be surprised at how delicate and delicious hemp tea is, and very similar in body and acidity. With a short steeping time and no caffeine, it can be added to your favorite black tea (e.g. Early Grey is black tea with bergamot) or enjoyed on its’ own. I like some honey in all of my herbal teas, and I prepare my hemp tea the same way.

How to prepare your tea

The leaves, flower buds, seeds and stems of your hemp plant are all edible. My favorite way is to make tea is to do a quick chop of fresh leaves, like I would for mint tea, followed by a quick brew and a drizzle of honey. However, you can absolutely use more of the plant including the flower buds. Also, you can easily dry the leaves and flowers, just like you would any other herb.

Like all tea times celebrated around the world, remember to warm up your cup, grab a small snack, and invite a friend to join you for a cup of tea whenever possible!

For a great in-depth article on the potential benefits of hemp tea, check out this article from the UK: