DIY Trendy Hemp Bouquets

You can create trendy bouquets using your hemp foliage. Hemp foliage is so lush and versatile it goes with everything from Gerber Daisies to Daffodils! It also lasts a long time in the vase, and stays vibrant without any fuss. A major grocery store chain, New Seasons Market, has even partnered with a hemp farm for foliage for their bouquets in Portland! Professional florists are also using it in everything from wedding bouquets to arrangements sent to direct to your door for $400!

Taking Your Cuttings

All you need is a pair of scissors or pruners. Snip the desired length, and create an all hemp arrangement (see photo) or mix it up with other flowers from the garden.

What About Flowering Hemp?

The time for taking cuttings is June-August. Once your plants start setting their flower, you can still make attractive arrangements from the foliage. However, you’ll be cutting into your yield of flower for harvest. Have fun with your plants, it’s up to you, there is no wrong way and it won’t ‘hurt’ the plant.