Salve DIY with CBD Hemp Flower


I didn’t know this before I started running the farm, but it turns out almost everyone I know uses CBD salve. Once you start making your own (hint: you can use the microwave!) you’re going to wonder how you went this long without it.

One of our gardeners shared an awesome video on IG showing how easy it is. You can also get inspiration here from our gardening friend Jenny  and learn about the benefits of CBD for skin care from Maria.

How is this flower different than our other high CBD hemp flower?  I’m going to level with you  – it is flower from 2022’s harvest. Being a year older, it has fewer terpenes and isn’t as bright green, and is perfect for salve.  I feel like I’m writing a Trader Joe’s add about bargain almonds… you get it though!

DIY Salve is  also 19x less expensive than CBD salve from the store! Keep scrolling to see the math and ingredients breakdown.

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You’ll get 4oz of our organic certified high CBD hemp flower and our 1-2-3 salve recipe. That yields (6) 50g jars (also known as 1.7oz jars).

How Does this Compare to Store Salve?

For comparison, the first CBD salve that comes up on Google for me is Joy Organics at $54.95 for 1oz, and it contains a total of 500mg of CBD. Ounces to ounces, Joy Organics and our recipe have the same concentration of CBD in them. Kudos to Joy Organics having a medically relevant level of CBD in their product (most have way, way too little when compared to the clinical data to date).

OK what about cost? Joy Organics is $54.95/oz and ours is $2.92/oz. Yes, it is 19x more  expensive to buy Joy Organics.  Here’s the math:

Store Item item purchase cost total in grams (alcohol in cups) cost per gram or cup grams or cups in a salve recipe how much it costs to make 300g of salve
Costco organic coconut oil $18 2381 $0.0076 150 $1.13
Amazon organic shea butter $24 425 $0.06 150 $8.47
Total Wine 190 everclear $40 7.4 $5.41 2 $10.81
in your pantry! organic cbd flower $20 114 $0.18 50 $8.77


total cost for 10oz of salve DIY cost per 1 oz of salve Joy Organics cost per 1 oz salve
$29.19 $2.92 $54.95 19x more expensive

Joy Organics Ingredients

Organic MCT Oil, Organic Beeswax, Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Our 1-2-3 Salve Ingredients
Organic Coconut Oil (HEALTHLINE article here comparing MCT and coconut oil. ~ same)
Organic Shea Butter (ok not beeswax but similar)
Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract (from your flower!)
--> you add any essential oils you like

Additional information

USDA Organic CBD Flower

4oz, 8oz