1/2lb of CBD Hemp Flower



2023 Harvest was a win and luscious flower is ready for you to enjoy. If you are interested in some unique extra special flower, select the Limited Edition Farmer’s Choice.

Blue Magnolia // is luscious with heavy notes of red nectarine, mixed berry jam and vanilla. 14.8% CBD and 3.35% terpenes.

Limited Edition Farmers Choice // We grow +120 different cultivars of hemp every year in our research field, and a select few make the ‘Farmer’s Choice’.

These are in limited quantity and they are always high CBD smokeables with luscious terpenes. Each 1/4lb is unique; let me know if you have a terp preference and I will see what I can do! BTW farmer is me, Emily : )



Get ready for all the edibles, pre-rolls and tinctures you can imagine. As farmers, we know that high quality hemp flower can be really expensive in stores. This makes it hard to create, experiment and enjoy high CBD flower at home.

You can smoke it, cook with it, even gift it. If you like, give it a little trim (save the trim for infusing!) and use it for any creation you like, just like really expensive store bought flower.

This flower is perfect for making delicious infusions, like the one by Monica Lo at Sousweed