1/8lb of Limited Edition CBD Hemp Flower



2023 Harvest was a win and luscious flower is ready for you to enjoy.  If you are interested in some unique extra special flower, this 1/8lb delight is for you!

Many thanks to everyone who is participating in our Give Thanks Scavenger Hunt, please remember that the flower is free with your secret code, and to get free shipping add an additional item (another 1/8th perhaps?) like our THC seeds or books which make great gifts. Also consider making a donation to any of these amazing organization this giving season:



Get ready for all the edibles, pre-rolls and tinctures you can imagine. As farmers, we know that high quality hemp flower can be really expensive in stores. This makes it hard to create, experiment and enjoy high CBD flower at home.

You can smoke it, cook with it, even gift it. If you like, give it a little trim (save the trim for infusing!) and use it for any creation you like, just like really expensive store bought flower.

Coconot oil infusion recipe and tutorial from the talented Monica Lo @ Sousweed