Your Hemp is Certified USDA Organic

We’ve always followed organic practices, and we were so excited when the USDA accepted Hemp into their National Organic Program. Learn more below about what organic means and how you can easily grow organic at home.

USDA Organic Seedlings

Your seedlings are lovingly grown at Infinite Tree’s USDA organic certified hemp nursery in the beautiful Applegate Valley. You can read more about our farm and team here. We follow the strict guidelines set by the USDA for everything that touches your plants that includes everything from the cleaning products we use to keep our farm spic n’ span to the soil that nourishes your seedlings.

How to Grow Organically At Home

You can continue growing your seedlings organically at home by just following some simple, good gardening practices.

  1. Choose products that are OMRI listed. OMRI Listed® products are allowed for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program.
  2. Get to know your plants. Go say hi, and give them a look over on top and under the leaves, near the soil. Pick off any bugs you see by hand and drop them into a cup of soapy water, flick them away, or smoosh them. You are your plants super hero!
  3. When you have to spray, go back to #1 to make sure that you applying products that you’re ok to eat/smoke/have in your home. Just like a tomato this is something you want to enjoy later on, so maybe a little bug damage is OK!

You’ll be amazed at out how organic inputs, whether it is the soil you add or the sprays you use, yield amazing results with your plants. You can also check out this great how-to comprehensive article on organic hemp gardening here:

Photo courtesy Adrian Acevedo @rusticcanyongardens