Patio and Container Gardening Guide

It’s easy to grow hemp, just like you would a tomato or zucchini. In fact, hemp requires less water than most vegetables, thrives on neglect, and often needs no additional fertilizer. More importantly, it is just as legal to grow hemp in many states as it is to grow a tomato! Want the TLDR version of this article? We highly recommend the amazing videos from the ‘HGTV of Cannabis’, GBL TV. Spoiler alert, I am in some of the videos! You can check out their stellar educational content here.

Hemp is easy to grow in a large container, in a sunny spot. You’ll need to be a bit more on top of watering, but you can also control the size of your hemp plant and grow it anywhere!

Basics of Container Gardening

  • Choose a sunny location. Sunny means at least 8 hours of sunlight o think full-sun if possible no shade.
  • Do yourself a favor. Grow in the biggest pot possible. This will help you in so many ways! 5 gallons is ok, 10 gallons is better.
  • Enjoy your plants! Say hello to them every other day and check if they need water. Hemp doesn’t need a lot of attention or water, but keeping them from drying out in a container is important.

Detailed Guide Container and Patio Guide

Step 1. The right container is key. If you want to keep your plant smaller, use a 3-gallon container. If you’d like a bigger plant go with a 10-gallon container. Do not go smaller than a 3-gallon container.

Step 2. Fill your container with brand new, high-quality potting soil, right up to the top. Again, just like you would for a tomato plant. Water in the soil, and add a little more on top if needed to make sure the container is filled with about 3” of space from the top.

Step 3. Now that you’ve prepared the ‘bed’ for your hemp plant, take your hemp plant and gently loosen the container. Your hemp plant should pop right out, if not, have a little patience and wiggle it some more.

Step 4. Move a little soil aside to create a hole in the ‘bed’, and place your hemp plant into the hole. Keep the soil in the container level with the soil around your plant.

Step 5. Gently water in your hemp plant, spend a few minutes thinking about how awesome it is that you can grow your own hemp!

Step 6. Check back in on your hemp plant every 1-2 days. If it’s really hot, you will need to water more often. You’ll be rewarded for this little bit of work with a beautiful high-yielding CBD hemp plant!

More Details on Watering Hemp Planted in a Container

Hemp needs much less water than your average vegetable plant grown in a container. Over-watering is a common mistake, so try to error on the side of ‘less is more’. The best way to water is to water deeply, and then wait until the top 2” of soil are completely dry before watering again.

Goal: Only water when the top 2” soil are dry. Dig around with your hand and if it feels bone dry, it’s time to water.

Tip: You can purchase an inexpensive water-meter from your local garden store, and that will tell you when it’s the right time to water.

Tip: During hot weather check your plant every day to see if it needs water.