Food Safe Storage for Harvest + Labels


Get ready for sharing and preserving your harvest with these food safe storage bags! Air tight storage keeps the terpenes in, and classy packaging makes a great gift and looks good in your pantry.

  • (2) Extra large mylar bags for holding up to 1/2lb of dried flower
  • (4) Medium sized kraft bags for holding <1/4lb
  • (10) Victory labels that look stunning¬†on the bags, mason jars, cookie tins for gifting and preserving


Food Safe Air Tight Bags

  • Extra Large Heavy Duty Mylar Storage Bags
    • 7.5 Mil and 12″x17″x6. Really nice!
    • Odor-Proof Aluminum Foil-Lined Gusset Bag
    • Can be heat sealed
  • Medium Sized White Storage Bags
    • Reusable Zip Lock Paper Pouches with Matte Window and Tear-away Notch
    • 7.9 X 11.8IN size perfect for gifting
    • Can be heat sealed