CBD Hemp Flower Culinary Grade

CBD Hemp Flower Culinary Grade



Get ready for all the edibles, pre-rolls and tinctures you can imagine. As farmers, we know that high quality hemp flower can be really expensive in stores. This makes it hard to create, experiment and enjoy high CBD flower at home.


You can smoke it, cook with it, even gift it. If you like, give it a little trim (save the trim for infusing!) and use it for any creation you like, just like really expensive store bought flower. 


For a limited time, our USDA organic certified flower is just $99/lb, straight from our farm to you. This is the same delicious Oregon Guava featured recently by Monica Lo at Sousweed in a delicious coconut-oil infusion.

  • What is culinary grade hemp flower?

    It is the same USDA organic certified, high quality hemp flower that we provide to nationally known retail brands. It is 'culinary grade' because it will smoke best with a quick trim (easy to do) or you can use it whole in culinary applications.

  • Wow, how is this such a great deal?

    It's a deal because it is farm direct and we think it is silly retailers charge so much for hemp flower! We want you to craft with your hemp flower at home with confidence and not break the piggy bank.

    We really want everyone to grow their own plants (!) which is also easy to do, and you will get lbs of flower from a few plants in your backyard. We are providing this as an option for gardeners who didn't get to grow this year, or are waiting for their plants to mature in October and want to try out projects now.

  • Need less than 1lb? Or more than 1lb? No problem!

    Please send a note to hello@growitfromhome.com , and I'll get back to you ASAP with a custom invoice. It is really no problem for us!

$120.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price