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How This Works

It’s easy to grow hemp, just like you would a tomato or zucchini. More importantly, it is just as legal in many states to grow hemp as it is to grow a tomato! Your plants arrive in discreet packaging, ready to be planted.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

We look forward to your questions and getting you the answers you need. Below, we've outlined the basics steps of getting the plants from our farm to your doorstep!

Step 1. Shipping Information

It’s amazing how many states allow you to grow hemp, at home! With no paperwork or license required. We provide you with (3) lovely plants, which is in in line with current states laws. The only paperwork is to acknowledge our Terms and Conditions, and you are all set!

Step 2. Choose Your Ship Date

Once you select your ship date and complete your purchase, you’ll receive an ETA and tracking information so you know exactly when your plants will arrive. If you have any questions about the growing season in your area, just give us a call. Most areas in the United States can plant through the end of July, hemp is very versatile and easy to grow.

Step 3. Payment

At this time we accept payment by credit card.

Step 4. The Big Day!

Your plants arrive, ready to become part of your home. Check out our how-to guides for helpful information on growing your plants and enjoying them throughout the Summer and Fall.

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